New Products - June 2022

2.75" Anti-Static Omni-Wheels have just been added to the VEX Website!

More info on this transition can be found here.

They are currently only available for purchase on the US site. Note that we have not yet received these wheels, and the earliest they will ship is July 1st.


Are these the same thickness as the new anti-static 3.25” and 4” wheels?

Yes, according to the CAD, it is.


Old vs New Thickness Comparison

I absolutely love these new wheels.


I’m a little confused why these are necessary. I was under the impression that the V5 was “immune to noise and static electricity”.


On top of being thinner, this new design with 2.75” wheels adds more rollers.

This should (hopefully) translate to better odom setups with:

  1. A thinner overall odom profile
  2. A reduced inconsistent diameter (with halfcut wheels)

    Credit @sazrocks for image

I’m excited to see how these new wheels perform!


quick question:
Since it has been suggested by many vex employees that ESD is not a problem within the V5 system, why is it necessary to be naming so many of these new wheels as such? Also, if VEX is selling “Anti-Static” wheels and field tiles, when will we see “Anti-Static” electronics components such as the V5 Brain and the V5 Radio?