New Products - March 2022 (2nd Generation VEX IQ Electronics & 6P Sprockets)

Just added to the VEX Website: 6P Sprockets.

These various sized Sprockets were originally only found in VEX EXP kits, but now come in packs of either 4 or 8. They have a smaller diameter than the pre-existing High Strength Sprockets, which allows for the construction of smaller, more compact mechanisms.

Note that these sprockets are only compatible with VEX IQ Chain (which is now legal for use in VRC), and will not work with the pre-existing V5 High Strength Chain.

6P Sprockets are available for purchase now from the US website, and will be available internationally within the next few weeks.

P.S. Because I know someone will ask, the “P” in 6P is an internal reference for Sprocket Kits to refer to the chain pitch.
Lower Strength Sprockets - Chain pitch 3.75mm / 0.148" - Discontinued
6P Sprockets - Chain pitch 6.35mm / 0.25" - New used in EXP kits
High Strength Sprockets - Chain pitch 9.79mm / 0.385" - Still active


Just to clarify, are IQ sprockets legal? I would assume no but we have some and I don’t know if we will get the new sprockets by worlds. Additionally, if they are legal does their coloring matter to their legality?


It doesn’t look like the place where they sell it on the website says the IQ sprockets are VRC legal.


To clarify, only the VIQ chain is legal now? Are VIQ tank treads and flaps legalized for VRC too, or are they still VIQ-only items?

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Thanks for the info. I do have another question however. @DRow will iq tread and flaps be legal for vrc along with the rest of the chain?


Individual 2nd Generation VEX IQ Electronics are now available for pre-order!

Due to the global component shortage, we do not expect to begin shipping these products until at least October. (They will all still be available in the various 2nd Generation Kits & Bundles)

One other thing to note, the 2nd Gen Battery is especially impacted by this shortage, so we are not yet able to open up orders for those at this time. We will start those up when we have a better estimate on a ship date.


Does this mean that the Gen 2 brains that ship in October won’t be usable, at least until batteries ship? Or is there a battery bundled with the Gen 2 brain?

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You could use a Gen 1 battery with the Gen 2 brain if you already have one.


Lots of gen 1 and gen 2 equipment are compatible, including the batteries.


Thanks, that’s good to know. I didn’t know if the Gen 1 batteries were compatible or not with the new system.


Any SKU for upgrading edu kit to comp kit on VEX IQ v2?



A few more new products have just been added to the website.

First up is the IQ System Bundle (2nd Generation)


This bundle contains a variety of electronics needed to get started building with the VEX IQ System. It is now available for pre-order, and will ship later this year, similar to the aforementioned individual Gen 2 electronics.

Next is the VEX IQ Education Kit (2nd generation) (No Control System)


This kit contains all the parts found in an IQ Education Kit (2nd Generation) minus the electronics. Great for those who already have 1st Generation electronics, but wanting the other parts found in a 2nd Generation Kit.

Next up is the IQ Storage Bin.

This is just a spare Storage Bin, similar to those found in 2nd Generation VEX IQ Kits, which can be used to store IQ parts.

Finally, we have the Bumper Switch 6N.

This Bumper Switch was originally designed for VEX EXP, and requires a lower spring force than the pre-existing Bumper Switch.


Assuming “6N” is 6 Newtons of force to activate the switch, I’m curious, what’s the force required to press the bumper switch v2?



And great question. :joy:

Let me get back to you tomorrow on that.


Any updates?


I was wondering about how strong is the 6P chain Chain & Sprocket Kit (VEX HS chain is rated at 50lb, so probably below that, but by how much?)

In addition, will we be allowed to use additional attachments such as tank treads or flaps with this chain? I’m assuming not, due to those parts not being cross listed, but it’d make a lot of sense as those parts are available, just one raid on middle school away.

I’m looking into using them for a lift, in order to have a better motor placement and more optimal gearing. It’d also be cool to use them for “rolly devices”.

probably on par with the VEX IQ chain strength - for low to moderate application uses in VRC.

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