New rules

So just making sure I understood the rules correctly, it’s okay to take the opponents mobile goal?!?


Check the official Q&A, just in case something is miscommunicated.

Short answer: If you don’t know what they are talking about by now, don’t try it.

Long answer: It depends on your definition of “take”.

Can I use my internal mobile goal scooper to intake my opponent’s mobile goal? No. That is “grasp, grappling, or attaching” to an opposing field element.

Can I drag around a mobile goal using my mogo intake, if I don’t lift it up? It depends on the refs if it is that “grasp, grappling, or attaching” scenario, but since you are contacting on two sides, and based on 62A’s DQ fiasco earlier this season, I would say no.

Can I make a mechanism that encompasses a mobile goal without lifting the mogo off the floor, and have the area be a little more than that of the mogo? Technically, yes. However, you lose defensive protection, to the point where if an opponent tips you in order to get that mobile goal back, no rules are broken.

Can I move a mogo out of an opponent’s zone? Only in the 5 point, and you can’t grasp it. You have to push it or encompass it.

Can I move an opponent’s mogo into my zone? No. In Bakersfield State, they even DQed a team in elimination matches for doing that in the 5 point zone.

Can I push an opposing mogo into a corner, where it is hard to get? Yes, but take extreme caution that you aren’t hoarding cones.

So, it depends on how you mean “take”.

Much appreciated