New shaft collars/ hypoid gears?

Hypoid gears.

Also, smaller/ more lightweight shaft collars- maybe even square and small enough to fit in a high strength center. You’d be able to secure a gear and end with a flat face.

Further, why is there still no part that imitates a standoff with a shaft collar screwed in the end? I use these all the time as compressional supports, yet I have to fiddle around with the couples and shaft collar heads all the time!

hey phoebe, i like your suggestions, however i see a problem with your idea for the new shaft collars, how would you tighten them once they’re inside a gear? Please vex, the second suggestion is great, idk why its not its own product

Honestly i only use the metal shaft collars with standoffs for support. #RubberShaftCollarsOP

1 ew, 2 why, 3 where did all your shafts go? they flew everywhere