New team, needs ideas

We are a new team, with 5 members, one is an experienced programmer and driver, others are new. Does anyone have robot recommendations for new teams? We dont need a manual or anything, maybe just a few pictures, or a video on YouTube.

There is honestly a ton of stuff on YouTube already, especially for this early in the year.

If all five members really want to be on the team and participate, you should consider splitting into two teams. But if you predict a person or two will fall off, you should be good.


We are thinking of having everyone try everything, and hopefully have 2 builders, 1 logbook, 1-2 programmers. If everything works out that way we should be good in teams. Do you have any videos you recommend?

Last year in a different team I was in with 5 ppl including me we got state, and before that one we got worlds, so hopefully it will work out good this time too

go to the VIQC Pitching In Ideas thread if you’re IQ

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