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Change the visibility directly in the part file or break link in assembly and change the visibility there. Not sure if that answered your question.

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Never mind, thanks, I found it. I was able to click on one of the sketch points for each part and click “Find in browser”. Then I could hide them all from there.

Thanks for all the help, i got an x-drive CADed!
Still not sure how to get the files of the ball, though, so not sure how much else I’ll be able to do…

here’s a zip file with a .stp of a blue ball. you should be able to open it in fusion.
Change Up Ball (79.9 KB)


Alright, So I have made some progress.

I know that the render is kind of far away (I’m still playing around with the renders), but do you have any recommendations on it? It’s not finished, of course, I still plan to add bracing between the roller towers and the motors and chain for them too, and the intakes of course. I’m a little worried about the roller placement though. any recommendations?
E: the 5 wide brace at the bottom is clipping into the ramp, but the 5 wide is upside down. I mean to fix that.
E: The back rollers are set up to be a pooper.

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a good way to find out the desired roller placement, and to use cad to do it is to first figure out the path that you want the ball to take. what I did was make a bunch of balls and just build the path I wanted using the balls, so I ended up with like this slug made of balls. then I built the rollers around them so I could be sure that they would have the compression and spacing I wanted them to.


All of this is a bit late, but you can highlight one part by double clicking, then press m on the keyboard, which will then allow you to select multiple parts at once.
Once you have all your parts selected, click the Create Copy checkbox and itll make a copy of all your highlighted parts.
Once you have your copies, you can go to to the assemble tab (I think) and create a rigid group. Select all the parts you copied and press okay and everything is connected together


You can go to the field CAD and highlight the ball in blue, then right click on it and press export. Thisll let you create a new file for just the ball itself


Does anyone have a .STEP for the goal? I tried exporting the goal like @Railgunawesome Said, but there isn’t an option for exporting the goal, even when grouped. (495.6 KB)
here you go.

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Thank you all so much. @Xenon27, @Railgunawesome, @mvas, @Gnash, @2775Josh, @Bob132, thank you for answering all of my dumb newbie questions. I have made a lot of progress, so thank you so much.