New to VEX IQ have a few questions

I recently purchased the VEX IQ kit for my son to keep him occupied during the summer. He built the claw bot from the instructions that came with the kit but he is having issues with manual control when all the sensors are installed. The robot is acting jerky when trying to move forward or backward, sometimes not responding to his control inputs at all. I removed the sensors from the bot, all but the led and it operates smoothly now with manual input. Im trying to understand why they are causing the problem. I know im new but once my son learns the programming aspect, id hate to be constantly switching sensors between autonomous control and manual. Any help would be appreciated. I also noticed the manual control has turned off at random and or lost connection to the brain numerous times. I plugged the controller into the computer for charging and the LED indicated it was charged. Again any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi nmmichris,

We’re sorry that you have had this issue. The jerky behavior that you noticed with the built-in Driver Control program while all of the advanced sensors are plugged in is the normal behavior of the Driver Control program.

All of the default mapping and actions of sensors in the built-in Driver Control program is meant to demonstrate how these sensors can be used. All sensors in the Driver Control program have the capability to override signals from the Controller, while demonstrating their sample actions. A detailed review of what each of these sensors do in built-in Driver Control program is available in the Control System User Guide, Section 6.1.

If you wish to avoid having the sensors override the Controller actions, there are two different ways to resolve this. The easiest way is to simply unplug the Color Sensor, Gyro Sensor, and Distance Sensor from the Robot Brain when running the built-in Driver Control program. These sensors are not required for the Driver Control program.

Alternately, you can create customized programs on your computer that can be downloaded to the Robot Brain, by using software environments such as ROBOTC or Modkit for VEX. Custom programs downloaded to the Robot Brain will enable you to fully customize how the Controller, Smart Motors, and the five sensors behave. More information about these software environments is available here.


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Thank you for the response. Im trying to learn the system along with my son. There are no teams here local for my boy to join so im considering starting a team to help develop young minds. Should be a very fun en devour. The curriculum is a great place to start ive read threw most of it already and look forward to possibly competing in the 2016-2017 challenge.

Thank you for sharing your experiences and interest in starting a team this season. To support your efforts, our VEX IQ Teams page includes a number of resources, including a “How to Start and Organize a VEX IQ Team” document. The REC Contact site ( is also available to help you contact your REC Regional Support Manager for any additional needed support. Please keep us posted on your son’s activities and let us know how we can support your efforts to make this exciting learning experience possible.

Ok so my son has been experimenting with different designs of robots for manual control and is looking to gain more experience with the programming. What do you suggest for a program for the beginner but yet still fully capable to hold up in competition? The modkit seems simple enough but im looking for your experiences. Thanks

Modkit will work fine for a competitive robot and it’s free. RobotC is a better option imo because it has graphical as well as text based programming so students can make the transition from drag and drop to actually typing out code in a more fluid way.

There is something wrong with our vex iq robot for the squared away competition. We have the vex clawbot, and it can move it’s claw up, but it can’t move down. I don’t know what wrong with it. You?

This post is from 3 years ago, please start your own thread. In regards to your problem, it sounds like a programming issue. Double check you coded in a down command.