New V5 Motor Idea

During Vex robotics Competitions Motors can get very Hot, so I came up with the idea of a brand new V5 Motor that is Smarter, Can deliver more torque, and much more accurate. Although with a motor being Smarter and more Powerful the motor will generate more Heat. So along with being Smarter and Stronger the motor will have a Variable Fan Inside the also Supports Rpm monitoring, Which can be controlled using the Vex v5 robot brain in the devices menu and can be controlled with coding.

When it comes to Vrc you want your motors as cool as possible and you want then to be very responsive, so along with having a fan on the inside you get a “Fan Sleeve” to attach to the motor and help with Added Cooling. Best of all this can also be controlled using the Devices Menu and Coding.


Sound good, get on it.


Could you sketch a prototype?


great, much bigger and yours for only $200. How many do you want to order ?


Good, fast, cheap. You picked 2, so I’ll bet it won’t be cheap


Infuse it with helium to make it lighter. Also, wires also get hot. Just make it Bluetooth compatible and Bob’s your uncle.


Haha, reminds me of this.


I’m all for the idea. More power and work from each motor would be great - especially for drivetrains and heavily used clamps.

That’s pretty good. Too bad he posted it 24 days late.

you might as well figure out how to make a true perpetual motion machine while you’re at it.


Lol, our collective engineering thought have certainly expanded its horizons since the time when it was suggested to deliver metered puffs of cold air from the pneumatic system into v5 motors through the holes liberated from (now optional) motor assembly screws.

But, may I suggest a truly marvelous method of solving all v5 motor overheating problems once and for all?

The margins of this post may not be large enough to fit it, but I will attempt to convey it in the hidden section below…

They say that manifestations of advanced technology may be indistinguishable from the acts of magik in the eyes of the past generations…

And, unlike your fairytale believing ancestors you, probably, will laugh at my claim that all V5 motor overheating issues may fade away into obsolescence with a single hand gesture of a great sorcerer, who is in possession of the secret knowledge.

So, I will give y’all STEM affictionados one last chance to think about it, before reavealig the hints to the top secret, fair, and vrc legal method.

The first hint is a stunning revelation that reducing motor temperature is best achieved not through the use of the mysterious super material of the extraterrestrial origin, but by knowledge of which elecro-physical parameter is directly responsible for the amount of heat generated by the motor…

And the second hint is in the answer to the question of who might be a great sorcerer in the possession of the secret knowledge, who with a single keystroke, could limit said elecro-physical parameter for every existing v5 motor…

in the next mandatory firmware update.

Say it ain’t so!



I’m hoping that next year we’ll be able to use the 5.5 watt motors. Teams can then start with them and go “OMG my 5.5w motors are over heating what DO I DO?!?!” And we can go, “Use an 11w motor, problem solved!”

I like the new motor idea. Wondering if the Rev 2 Design of the cooling system can be liquid cooled with a radiator. We already have access to tubing, just need some extra parts to work.

And then we would really have a water game every year!


Il take 9
(Please include motor cooling in v6)


VEX makes a more powerful motor that is fully competition legal.

You’ve just got to choose a different competition… Falcon 500 - VEXpro - VEX Robotics


these were vexu legal during tower takeover, just fyi


These motors with the VEX planetary gears are the best. Tons of power, a huge variety of ratios to pick from. The inbuilt CAN devices makes control of them super easy. The world of scratch built robots has changed so much since my days of Fisher-price, window and using electric drill motors.