New V6 System Ideas

Hey guys, so I know it hasn’t been too long (in realistic robotic time standards) since the V5 system came out, but I was curious what you guys think the V6 system might have in store for us. I personally think that it would be cool if the new system would include a new Subsystem 1 (Drone propellers and motors capable of powering those drone props), Subsystem 2 (a way to connect more than one battery to the brain/cortex), and Subsystem 3 (some sort of winch so that we can play the games)

Subsystem 1 Definition

Mobile robotic base including wheels, tracks, legs, or any other mechanism that
allows the robot to navigate the majority of the flat playing field surface. For a stationary Robot,
the robotic base without wheels would be considered Subsystem 1.

Subsystem 2 Definition

Power and control system that includes a legal VEX battery, a legal VEX control
system, and associated motors for the mobile robotic base.

Subsystem 3 Definition

Additional mechanisms (and associated motors) that allow manipulation of game
objects or navigation of field obstacles.

Let me know what you guys think about this and also maybe your ideas of what the V6 system could bring!


hmmm - wait three-five years for a new “system”…

Not speculating.


V6: 2 words: Water Game


I know it could be a while, but theoretically, what do you think it could bring?

We can start a poll when a couple more ideas are thrown out here of what people think/want the system to be.

You really want to make a drone dont you?

look in my opinion, they should improve V5 so it is more reliable but V6… thats going to take a while


yeah. i do. and yeah. i know.


This is like being in the 1950s predicting that we’d have flying cars by 2010


to quote myself

two months ago everyone expected Worlds and the product has not been fully developed to its maximum potential.

Right now I look forward to the new game reveal.


Way too soon for this. If you keep asking for new stuff you’re gonna give James a heart attack one of these days…


tbh Id LOVE to see all of the above
also @Sylvie when the V5 drone PM got stared I knew that V5 drone might not be that far away and I almost had a heart attack lol

As in James Pearman?

I’ll let you figure that one out from context.


I kinda wanna see wireless motors. Granted, they would be kind of large and unwieldy because they would all need batteries and charging stuffs, but it’s still a fun idea to think about.

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I knew when I looked at this strand, there would be at least one of these :joy:

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Improve the quality of the motor connectors and ports on the motors and brain.