Not using vexcode pro v5 editor

Hey I’m trying to get vex to work without relying on the ide that comes with vexcode pro. I’ve got the building and makefile to work but not the sending the bin to the bot. I can only get it to work the normal way by clicking the download button on the ide but I want to do this in maybe the command prompt. Is it even possible?

Reason - I do not want to open the ide everytime I need to send the file. Also, I’m not too happy with using atom.

Welcome to the forum @Yolomep!

Looks like you can use the PROS CLI to upload binaries to the V5 brain. See the relevant guide for your OS for installation instructions (although FWIW, the linux instructions to install the CLI via pip seemed to work fine on my Mac).

From the help text (prosv5 --help):

john@holbrook-mbp-16 ~ % prosv5
Usage: pros [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  --version  Displays version and exits
  --help     Show this message and exit.

Standard Options:
  --debug                         Enable debugging output
  --verbose                       Enable verbose output
                                  Logging level
  --logfile <PATH CHOICE>...      Log messages to a file

  conductor  Perform project management for PROS
  lsusb      List plugged in VEX Devices
  make       Build current PROS project or cwd
  terminal   Open a terminal to a serial port There are...
  upgrade    Check for updates to the PROS CLI
  upload     Upload a binary to a microcontroller.
  v5         Utilities for managing the VEX V5

Switching to PROS altogether is probably worth considering if you want to compile your code from the command line – I’m sure that can be made to work with VEXcode Pro, but it’s an officially-supported configuration of PROS.


Thank you! I did not know that I could download that. I knew something like it existed, but I thought you needed some kind of subscription.

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