Notebook at Worlds

I understand that in order to be eligible for Design at worlds you must have won Design or Excellence at the regional championship. But if you don’t meet those requirements, can you still submit a notebook for a chance at the other awards (amaze, think, build, etc.?)

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I’m not positive, as I fell in the 'won design award ’ category last year, but I think all teams can submit their notebook at the check in counter.

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Only teams that have won design or excellence and have signed up to be judged for such awards at Worlds are the only ones that can turn in their notebook. You turn in your notebook when your team checks in. That is how my team did it in 2016 and 2017 and I have no reason to believe it has since changed. If you have not won design or excellence and have not signed up to be judged for those awards at Worlds, they will not except your notebook at check-in.

If you go to this document here, please note that it says this regarding the teams that signed up for the design and/ or excellence awards.

Eligible to submit engineering notebooks at registration

Also found on an FAQ document for 2018 Worlds

Design Award at VEX Worlds
Teams must have been awarded the Design or Excellence Award at a state/regional/provincial/national level championship event to be eligible for Design at VEX Worlds. Eligible teams will be notified during the weeks prior to Worlds to submit their Engineering Notebooks at check in on Wednesday. Those notebooks will be reviewed and teams with the highest rated Engineering Notebooks will be selected for Design Award interviews in the team Pit Areas. Judges will complete the second page of the Design Award Rubric following each interview. Judges will use the completed Rubrics to help determine the Design Award winners. Teams are not given scheduled sit down interviews for the Design Award at VEX Worlds.

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Above are the awards criteria and they discuss requirements for Worlds. It looks like only Exc & Design winners can turn in notebooks & that eligible parties will be advised in advance of this. I skimmed quickly though, so maybe someone can pull out specifics…

So tourney champs don’t get to submit their notebooks?

No they do not, only excellence and design

Oh. Well that’s a bummer.

It is, but imagine having to review literally 2 thousand notebooks as a judge and actually having to look at all of them.

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I encourage my teams to keep developing their notebooks as a tool for them. They are being earnest about it even though they are not being considered for Design or Excellence at Worlds. It is what you do when judges are not looking that matters.


Oh I understand stand why, and completely agree with why they are doing it. But for some reason I was under the impression that tournament champs also got to put their notebook in, and I was looking forward to throwing my hat into the ring.

How would the other awards be judged then? Awards like build or amaze or think?

I believe those are mostly off of the judging session but I’m not completely sure.

You can have you engineering notebook at your pit and share it with the judges when you are interviewing.


yes that is important advice. Having the notebook to backup your interviews is great.

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Last year tourney champs did end up being able to submit notebooks. For example, we won the Design award and were able to, but at a later date, the list of teams allowed to submit their notebooks was updated, and allowed the tourney champs to turn them in.

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When do they send out the notifications?

Last year, they directly emailed the teams then posted it (somewhere, I can’t remember) on robotevents. Probably at one of the tabs for worlds.

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I have been a judge at worlds for several years. The design award at Worlds is judged by a separate set of judges than the other judged awards. Every team at worlds will have an interview in the pits, and is eligible for any of these judged awards: Amaze, Think, Build, Create, and Judge’s. If you want to prepare, read the criteria for each of these awards in the Judge’s guide and prepare your interview/presentation appropriately.


Thats good to know. Thank you very much.