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I’m working on my teams notebook but I’m on the section where you explain the game rules and how to play. I am using the official vex template and have access to the arena and triball images to use as a reference. the problem is I don’t know how to properly explain the game or know how to format it. If anyone has tips to share I would be very glad to hear them

What the judges are looking for is documentation that your team discussed how the game is played, to lay the groundwork for brainstorming on the best strategy to play the game. Typically, there would at least be an explanation of how points are scored.

Many teams build a tinkerbot to handle the game elements and drive around based on something seen on youtube, then in hindsight look to see how the game is actually played. Judges will be looking for a progression where the team has discussed the best way to maximize score, followed by various design proposals to achieve those goals, then a process to choose what design is best,

Format is less important that collecting and documenting the notes of the design meetings. Remember, you’re not writing a presentation for the Judges, you’re documenting what the team has done.


Look at 515R notebook, tips, videos from last season… it rocks!


For all sorts of information regarding how to notebook and interview, I suggest joining the vex notebooking server on discord:


There are many resources out there for you to help you get an idea for formatting your notebook. @lacsap and @9MotorGang have provided great examples on how you can do so.

You mentioned that you were using the template that VEX has provided. Maybe take a look at the instructions linked here: and view slides 18-20, I want to say it was. Maybe explain the field setup using captions. Maybe something like, “this is a visual representation of the VRC Over Under field with all of the game elements and legal robot starting positions”.
Hope this helps!


I can’t access to the file with this link :frowning:

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Sorry about that!

Does it work now? I tried updating the access to this.

Going the throw another small question into this thread, what is the best way to ensure I get the “notebook format” points when using a digital notebook? I’ve followed its example, but I’m still a bit paranoid about it.

The best thing to do is read the “guide to judging” ( and look at the Engineering Notebook Rubric on page 38. If you do what the rubric requires for “notebook format” then you will get full points.