hello everyone my team is in a debate over our notebook if it should be typed or if we should wright it by hand. please respond with what your team is doing.

We’re writing it.

search the forum for “Engineering notebook” as there are several discussions over the past few weeks/months about it.

We are typing ours.

I recommended typing our teams are about 50/50 on that debate.
Tip: make sure you have a back up on somewhere we learned that the hard way.

Our team traditionally writes ours and then we also include typed appendices as well. The written portion of the notebooks cover the daily tasks and designs ideas that we have, and the appendices provide an overall scope of the robot progress, timeline of the projects, and our programming. One of my teams this year is also typing out their hand written portion of the notebook because none of the team members have great handwriting. I always say on these is it’s the content that matters not the format. Whatever way you think your team can best describe the Engineering Process that your team uses is the way you should do it.

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