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VEXIQ Elementary School Finals posted.

VEXIQ Middle School Division Finals videos posted.
Sadly, there were a number of videos which were recorded from the wrong camera; but at least you can hear the excitement of a perfect game…

Videos of the 76 world class teams in the Technology division who didn’t quite make it to the Elimination round…

VRC Technology Division Qualifiers - Saturday matches posted.

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Wow, that’s a lot of videos!

My subscription box is filled completely by NBN matches!

VRC Science Division Qualifiers - Saturday matches posted.

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All the remaining VRC High School Saturday Qualifiers are now posted:

Arts Division Qualifiers -

Engineering Division Qualifiers -

Math Division Qualifiers -

With so many qualifier matches - how do you find yours?
All match videos are tagged with the teams playing, VEX_(team number).

For example, search yourtube for VEX_8691E to see the all the matches played by 8691E (the tournament champions) -

Lastly, inside each match video description are the search links for each of the teams playing.
(if the search doesn’t work for yours yet, give google a few hours to index the tags).


You should get paid for this.

Thank you so much.

How long does it take to do all that :open_mouth:

It took a while to do the first video with a useful description.
It took more time to start developing a system to process videos quickly.
As the system gets refined, video processing gets much faster. So, right now, it’s “a few a minute” of my time. Maybe one day it’ll be fully automated.

If this was just about bringing tons of video into youtube manually - indeed, that would be painful. Fortunately, it’s about the challenge to implement a system to process videos quickly. As the folks at VEX know very well, a challenge changes everything!

You deserve an award. :smiley:

200 new qualifier match videos posted from the Arts & Engineering Divisions!

Arts Division Qualifiers -

Engineering Division Qualifiers -


Are you going to be uploading all of the qualifying matches, or did some get lost?

It’ll be “best efforts” - we’ll see how many get done.
(There’s a number of issues with the original video streams - there’s alot of missing matches).

Another 200 qualifier videos have been posted from the Technology, Math, and Science divisions.

Technology Division Qualifiers:

Math Division Qualifiers:

Science Division Qualifiers:

This is amazing. Thank you for taking the time to do this.

Our Lift fail at 1:50, it’s the blue robot in the top right corner

Thanks 5454P for the alliance and @Cut to the Bot for the videos

Ouch! Strong robot though, didn’t break! +1 for build quality :stuck_out_tongue:

Always great to see robots upside down

Have you tried throwing a cube yet?

170 qualifier videos added to the Arts, Engineering, and Science divisions.
We’re up to 970 match videos in all!