Nothing but 'Bot Videos

VEX Worlds 2016 Finals - High School Match Videos - Nothing but 'Bots


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This is awesome.

Thank you so much! I have been waiting for something like this for quite a while now. Please continue to do it!

Great job!

When you’re trying to shoot match loads but you accidentally deploy your lift (1:23):

Thanks for the videos!

Thanks for the positive feedback!

All the elimination matches for the Tech division have now been uploaded - some great matches there!

All the elimination matches for the Science division have been uploaded.

Engineering Division elimination matches uploaded.

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Arts Division elimination matches uploaded.

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Math hype!

Math Division elimination matches uploaded!

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Thanks! Any chance you’ll post qualifications? :wink:

That’s alot of video!

Is anyone else also interested in getting these videos?
Send an email to with your team name & division.

Thanks @Cut to the Bot for all your work.

Thank You!

VEX U Research and Design Divisions Eliminations posted.

Thanks cut to the bot!

praise be

@Cut to the Bot Just wondering, but will you be posting the middle school videos?

VRC Middle School (MS) - Spirit Division posted.

(Unfortunately, the entire original Opportunity Division Eliminations round video is “blank” - hopefully VEX will be able to fix this).

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