Nothing But Net Launcher Teaser

Here is a teaser for our new launcher:
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Specs: A launcher that can fire 10 balls a second (if you can load that fast)

We hope you enjoy it! Leave any questions in the thread and we will try to answer them.
(Full reveal will be in five weeks)

Wow, that is by far the highest fire rate I have seen this season! Nice job! I’m certainly glad that you can’t load 10 balls per second… :slight_smile:

I have a few quick questions about the launcher. How many motors does it use? Does it use pneumatics? Are you able to adjust the power for close range shots? And is the fire rate decreased severely by the intake while feeding in the field? Thanks.

And I also have a prediction: the launch mechanism is basically a geared up catapult arm attached to a flywheel. In other words, by simply spinning the shaft, the arm is able to grab and fire a ball without losing very much velocity, and it then grabs another ball and repeats.

The question at this point becomes more strategic. With a fire rate of 10 balls per second, you could theoretically fire every preload in under 3 seconds, meaning that you would score (assuming perfect accuracy) 120 points in 3 seconds, or 40 points per second. However, once this insanity had finished, you would be forced to field. If the other team (say a very, very good team) had a 2 ball per second fire rate and equal accuracy, it would take them an extra 9 seconds (12 seconds total for 24 preloads) to finish firing the preloads. Sure it is aesthetically impressive, but I highly doubt that 9 seconds are going to make or break the game, especially if you field first and do preloads only after the field is cleared. In other words, the real deciding factors are accuracy of preloads and ability to score field balls, especially bonus balls, more competently than the opposition. There’s also the issue of accuracy. With a “normal” fire rate, say just under a ball per second, the driver has time to adjust the shooter either by driving slightly or by playing with the offsets if using a flywheel. With this design, assuming perfect loading and a 1 second flight path, 10 balls would have already missed the goal by the time the driver had time to make an adjustment. Going back to the original example of the opponent with a 2 ball per second fire rate, the extra 9 seconds are really going to benefit them if their accuracy is significantly better, since preloads are by far the fastest way to score points.

But even if this design isn’t completely ground-breaking, the extra 9 seconds or so will definitely help, and it’s an insane feat of engineering to achieve this fire rate, regardless of the advantage it grants during competitions. Again, great job!

To answer your question:
We are using 4 motors and no pneumatics. We can adjust the speed of the motors to fire from anywhere on the field. Our intake does not severely reduce the fire rate. And we have a separate mechanism that can be used to fire driver control loads very quickly. We are only hindered by the four balls on the robot rule. Our fire rate does not affect our accuracy, and the fire rate of the launcher means that the balls collected on the field can be fired very quickly, meaning that we can collect balls faster than the opposition.

So your robot can, with compete accuracy, shoot all 4 intaked balls in less than a half of a second from anywhere on the field? If so that is very impressive.

i don’t understand this robot. It uses a flywheel and 4 motors but has pretty much no recovery time. How do you stay within the laws of conservation for energy and momentum
Anyway can’t wait to see it in competition

With our current intake speed, it is not less than half a second, but can do it in just under 1 second. We are still trying to find ways of increasing intake speed efficiently. Note that this is for balls on the field, our self loading mechanism can do 24 balls in 4.8 sec. (our record speed for loading). We will also try and improve loading speed.

I would like to point out a few problems with this, first of all, that video shows absolutely nothing. It shows a sliver of a robot, and 2 balls hitting the ground. And there is also abslolutely no way you could feed 10 balls a second the intake, and I even find it hard to believe you fed 24 balls into your robot in under 5 seconds. If you can already do this why do we need to wait 5 weeks for a reveal video?

If you can do this, props to you. But as of now, I don’t believe any of this. But Ill believe if/when I see

That will be incredible for skills. Each side in ~5 seconds, and with a fast and precise drive, 5 seconds to change sides That leaves you 40 seconds to score field balls.
I really cant wait for the reveal. I need it now! :wink:

I had an idea early in the season about having a really wide flywheel that could launch two balls at once.
That’s what the video makes it look like it’s doing.

I completely agree. I’m not saying that they are lying but there is no proof of evidence as of now.

Although the launcher is currently mounted, we wanted to make a proper reveal and have time to do a proper video for the whole robot. As well as this, there are final adjustments to be made on our current robot.

The only way I could think to load ball that fast would be to have all 3 drive team members loading.
After tests that we did, our best loader could load just under two balls per second (Possibly two if it was into a reliable hopper system). 24 balls divided by 3 loader and by 2 balls per second in a perfect situation would take you 4 seconds. If @LEER 's team has done that, it would be very impressive, but I believe that it would be completely possible if they worked the problem for quite a while.

I totally understand that you are not 100% sure about the launcher. This video was only a teaser and we knew it was going to pose some questions. However, we will have a reveal that will show the loading of 24 balls, and the balls being fired into the net.

This is precisely how we are loading the balls. The only way to load balls quickly in succession would be with 3 loaders. And the loading of all the balls takes around 5 -6 seconds

We did not say it was physically possible to feed 10 balls into the launcher, however that is the potential of the launcher. We did however manage to feed 24 balls in 5 seconds, by having three loaders.

I am not sure how much you are wanting to keep secret until the reveal in 5 weeks, but would you be able to tell us what type of launcher it is. I am very curious as to whether you figured out how to get a ball to settle fast enough for a 0.1 sec per ball fire rate with an elastic launcher, discovered a flywheel method that either decreases the speed up time or momentum lost between shots, or discovered a new way to launch balls either by combining a flywheel and elastic launcher or by bringing something completely new into the picture.

We are using a flywheel launcher. We have found a method that allows the motors to spin the wheels up to speed almost instantly after a ball goes through the launcher.

I have already sent a video of our loading method to a couple of teams and if any other team wants a video just contact us and we will send a vid and explain how we load balls in around 5s.

Can you put a video on youtube? Really nice, almost no recovery time

Hey can you send a video to our team? I am really curious on how your mechanism works! Our email is

100% with this, it doesn’t make much sense. You’d think that if it was possible, at this point in the season it would have already been done.
Now please prove me wrong, it would be pretty cool to see this work but again highly skeptical.

We will prove you wrong :stuck_out_tongue: