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Searching around Ive seen a lot of designs using the flywheel system. What type of motors are being used for these, are they geared with Turbo gears, high gears or low gears? And why that gear system?


I don’t think any of them have had the same exact gearing. Once our kits ship in I want to try turbo motors + some sort of high speed external gearing. I haven’t worked much this previous years with testing gear ratios or anything, so it may or may not burn up quickly.

Hopefully someone else might be able to provide internal and external gearing information.

from what I have seen, the gear ratios are with torque motors (low speed internal gearing) and between a 1:15 and a 1:21 external ratio

I am making a flywheel and i have not had access to turbo gears but i have been testing an internal speed geared 4 motor flywheel with an external gearing of 1:15 it doesnt burn out for a while i just have to either get the vex welcome kit for the new year with new balls or get balls similar to them to test for distance and accuracy.

from the testing I have done that has a very good chance of working, the calculation I have done supports that, and the testing I have done supports it as well, you may need to go a tad higher, maybe 1:21, but you’re definitely in the ballpark.

Thanks for the advice! My plan is to do a 4 motor X drive speed geared motor to wheel with a 2 intake/feeder and a 4 motor flywheel. I plan to be lifted 12 in but i am most likely making a way for small bots possibly clawbots (if there are any at our tournaments) to grab on and possibly get 4 in high

that is a very similar motor allocation to what we are using, we also may add a ramp so people can drive up us

I’ve seen 7:1 external with turbos internally (2.4:1) , or 11.66:1 with high speed internally (1.6:1) work the best.

You probably want as few external gears as possible to reduce unnecessary friction.

I don’t know… my experiences with internal speed and turbo gearings have been less than pleasing, let alone with the stress the game puts on the flywheel. I personally prefer internal torque with all of my speed gearing being external. it has just worked better for me.

Hmm… I’ve never had problems with them. Actually I have had worse results with torque then speed. But I guess build quality and other factors will effect it.

I think just using logic though, less friction will allow for better results.

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