Now FREE: Robot Mesh Studio Classroom Management

After popular request we are making the Robot Mesh Studio Classroom Management features free for anyone to use through 31 August 2020.

Robot Mesh Studio is a comprehensive programming suite for VEX IQ, Cortex and V5 robots using Blockly, Python or C++. With the mimics, robotics programming can be fully virtual.

If you’re new to Robot Mesh Studio, please checkout the Robot Mesh Virtual Academy preview.

Robot Mesh Studio is primarily a web-based tool and schools, quite rightly, take the security and privacy of their users seriously. Anyone, can, for free, create a single-user sign-on for Robot Mesh studio using the link at the top-right of the page at providing their email or username as a sign-on.

However, schools often need a mechanism where the teacher can manage the classroom and can control what information the student account is identified by. This was formally part of our paid-for Education Edition.

Now, any teacher, can, for FREE, create and manage a classroom online, create student users (with, or without email addresses and names); reset passwords and assign the Virtual Academy tasks.

To get stared, go to and login/sign up for an account for the teacher. Then navigate to and follow the prompts to create a class and add students.


More instructions and information can be found here: Classroom Management with Robot Mesh Studio

Robot Mesh is committed to offering comprehensive solutions for teaching and learning robotics programming whether at home or at school.

Regards, Anthony