OBS Automatic Scene Switcher

Hello, I help run a tournament where we have been trying to begin live streaming our events. We’ve been messing around with OBS and TM to see if there was a way to get OBS to automatically switch to the scene where the current match is being played when the match is queued/started. We have tried MayorMonty’s tool but unfortunately that didn’t seem to work with the current release of TM. I was wondering if anyone had found any other ways to do this. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Since web interface of TM has changed about outwards functionality from last season, not likely to work …

If you are an EP and wish this functionality, then contact your RECF EEM to indicate this is a problem for you as and EP and a priority over other issues…

short end - web interface changed because of concerns of being so open and/or exploited to slowdown past events.

Given all possible requests OBS competes with all this must be available future features…


Is there some boiler plate text that we can all submit to our RECF people, so they all know we want this vs a ton of random requests.


Quick discussion with our RECF TEM and EEM it is like a matter of when it will be enabled again - the thinking is that with the TM engine change, they are now tuning a whole bunch of other things.

I feel I can wait a little for it to come back. Really happy with the changes they made to TM Mobile - you can do Alliance selection with the mobile tablet - huge.

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Now, if only RobotEvents would get a breakdown of auton and scoring elements…


OK, that is fine, I’d like to be able to get some practice in before my Dec 1 event. I got the ATEM Mini (https://www.amazon.com/Blackmagic-Design-ATEM-Mini-Switcher/dp/B07XZKRDLB) which is pretty cool.

I’m with you there. I’m honestly surprised at all the improvements over the last big update this summer and with the app. There will be snags but moving in the right direction.


great unit - I use the Pro version with streaming as a backup - but workhorse is ATEM mini Extreme for events 8 video inputs (we will be using six for fields and PTZ cameras), one for rPi overlay view, one for laptop input for presentations/videos)…

It is one reason not too bummed out about current missing functionality of web interface. So much to do on video production side with stream deck and companion…

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I loved my ATEM switcher; having a dedicated hardware device that did most of the live stream compositing made the system significantly more error-resistant.

TM Switcher supports ATEM devices, but be aware that they can only be controlled over the network due to a quirk in how these devices operate.


Yep, that was one of the wins for the device. The software console is pretty nice and give you better control over the video. So for small events, stand alone - push the buttons, bigger events use the software interface.

I have it set up in the Robot Lab with some of the RPi for an event. I have the two field, pit display, and audience display RPi plugged into the switcher. Using it, I can run a mini event with one monitor to make sure everything is going to work an I can try out new features.

I was hard pressed to justify the triple cost of the 8 input switch, so this will need to work for now.

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I’ve got an AutoHotKey based switcher with hardcoded hotkeys available here (DC2023.exe / dc.ini):

You setup OBS with the scenes hotkeyed:

F5  - Field 3
F6  - Audience Display (No Overlay)
F7  - Combined, Standard
F8  - Combined, Finals
F9  - Field 1
F10 - Field 2

It should work on OBS29, but I’m still running OBS28.

I’m assuming that this still requires someone to sit at the computer?

No interaction should be necessary - either with the new TM automation for showing scores/having the ref queue the match and so on; or via the VEXController_SpinUp_v1.exe on the GitHub page. I would recommend running the switcher on a PC you wouldn’t normally use as it’s going to be hitting the F## keys to switch scenes. If you end up in a web browser on that PC it’s going to start going full screen, refreshing etc.

I am trying to implement this but am a bit confused by the process, particularly editing the .bat file correctly.

If I run the bat file provided it executes, but returns “access denied” because I did not add the server information. When I append the server information by copy-pasting and editing the lines in the OBS Setup file, runing the bat returns “The syntax of the command in incorrect.”

copy "C:\Program Files (x86)\VEX\Tournament Manager\Display.exe" "C:\Program Files (x86)\VEX\Tournament Manager\DisplayStandard.exe" --audience --overlay 0 --server --pw xxx --fieldsetid 1
copy "C:\Program Files (x86)\VEX\Tournament Manager\Display.exe" "C:\Program Files (x86)\VEX\Tournament Manager\DisplayPit.exe" --pit --server --pw xxx --pitdisplayid 1
copy "C:\Program Files (x86)\VEX\Tournament Manager\TM.exe" --server --pw xxx --fieldsetid 1

This is on a windows 10 OS.

What is my syntax failure?

Hey there, for the bat file it’s just creating duplicates of Display.exe but named differently for OBS’s Window Capture methods. The copy command shouldn’t take the --arguments, but rather you create a shortcut to the new Display.exe’s with those arguments set. This is an older method of the setup, nowadays I would recommend using Dave’s plugin available here: Release 1.2: Add an installer and update for OBS 29.1.0 · DWAB Technology / vextm-obs-source · GitLab
I’ve been meaning to post an update with the new setup using that plugin - we’ve got a competition this weekend so I’ll have access to the computer with OBS and all that jazz. I’ll grab an export of the configs and update my GitHub with them.