Ocs RI3D

we build a ri3d (first time and we had limited resoursed because germs)
2m intakes
2m dr4b
4m drivetrain
also i know building a snail would have bean better but i knew how to make lifts good from last year and @TNT_7157X knew how to do a tray from last year so we figured this would be easier to do in 3 days

also huge thx to @dkobasa and @TNT_7157X for coming over to my place and helping me especially @TNT_7157X who aint even on my team


That is the cutest DR4B I’ve ever seen.


Nice reveal. A bit unrefined/clunky but it shows promise. The best part was the DRow for GDC sticker.


Nice job bro! Look forward to facing you again this year. Bring that bot to states too, I promise it will never be phased out :wink:

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Why didn’t you show it lift up or down in video? I was curious to see how fast the lift is

What do you mean by that?

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He’s got an Apex Alliance sticker on his robot. You know, not a SCA one


What is this?


Oof. Throwing some serious shade.

why? they are part of our alliance and they are good. got any problems with us?

I didn’t say anyone was bad, I said this robot fit my expectations


ok then?

you did imply it, and you added nothing to this conversation much like what I’m doing until this point where I want to say good job building a robot in 3 days can be a hard task there are def ways to improve the robot such as bracing your lift be it X braces or boxed C channels and the intake may need a litlle more work


You know if you lower the intake a little bit it might grab easier. Also some extra bracing on the intake might help, the flimsiness seems like it’s ruining the compression a bit. All and all it has some build issues, but the overall design isn’t bad.


No, I’m simply saying that some of the silliness seen in the video (such as the person pushing the ball into the intakes), matches with the silliness of some Apex members I’ve met. I’m not dissing the bot, I’m saying that the video style is that which I’d expect. It’s not at all bad for an RI3D. I don’t want anything I’m saying to be taken as me disliking the people or robot behind this. I have an issue with an Apex member, for continuous spam, but I limit my discussion of that to private places. As far as I can tell, that person had nothing to do with this robot.

To be absolutely clear, I don’t think this is a bad robot at all. It’s likely of the same caliber as a robot I’d build for an RI3D, and nothing I’m saying should be taken as disapproval of the robot, the video, or the people behind it. I apologize for any miscommunication on my part.

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This statement carries shade that I can feel through my computer screen


Once again, no shade is intended.

I understand you intend no snarkyness, I’m just saying that’s the way it comes across

We did not have a bunch of parts so we have to improvise. The #1 problem is that we did not have a full sized High Strength Shaft.