Ocs RI3D


Oof. Throwing some serious shade.

why? they are part of our alliance and they are good. got any problems with us?

I didn’t say anyone was bad, I said this robot fit my expectations


ok then?

you did imply it, and you added nothing to this conversation much like what I’m doing until this point where I want to say good job building a robot in 3 days can be a hard task there are def ways to improve the robot such as bracing your lift be it X braces or boxed C channels and the intake may need a litlle more work


You know if you lower the intake a little bit it might grab easier. Also some extra bracing on the intake might help, the flimsiness seems like it’s ruining the compression a bit. All and all it has some build issues, but the overall design isn’t bad.


No, I’m simply saying that some of the silliness seen in the video (such as the person pushing the ball into the intakes), matches with the silliness of some Apex members I’ve met. I’m not dissing the bot, I’m saying that the video style is that which I’d expect. It’s not at all bad for an RI3D. I don’t want anything I’m saying to be taken as me disliking the people or robot behind this. I have an issue with an Apex member, for continuous spam, but I limit my discussion of that to private places. As far as I can tell, that person had nothing to do with this robot.

To be absolutely clear, I don’t think this is a bad robot at all. It’s likely of the same caliber as a robot I’d build for an RI3D, and nothing I’m saying should be taken as disapproval of the robot, the video, or the people behind it. I apologize for any miscommunication on my part.

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This statement carries shade that I can feel through my computer screen


Once again, no shade is intended.

I understand you intend no snarkyness, I’m just saying that’s the way it comes across

We did not have a bunch of parts so we have to improvise. The #1 problem is that we did not have a full sized High Strength Shaft.


or 3 3 would have bean nice

Nice! It’s nice too see the tradition of teams doing RI3D’s isn’t being broken by quarantine!

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this is our first tho…

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I just mean tradition for vex teams in general, not u lul




Limited recources. Imagine having recources :camel: Nice robot for 3 days. You guys are getting an early start for sure. My cadding is going pretty slow because my computer really struggles with inventor. It’s only got 4gb ram so I ordered more. I’m holding out on cad until then. Good luck this season!

It’s fine to give your opinion, but as respect is a rule on this forum it’s generally good manners to provide an explanation and/or criticism to complaints rather than saying ‘This robot isn’t unique.’ I also want to be truthful as well… Those who generally use the vexforum/vex discord and participate in social media is much more competitive than those who don’t. And those who don’t are the majority of those who compete in VEX. That being said, by telling a member of the vexforum that their robot “Meets expectations” can also imply that their robot is extremely average. But is it?

As much as I hate to say it, yes. It is the average VEX Robot. But the first thing to getting better is by admitting your weaknesses/shortcomings and improve upon them. Take the criticism I am about to say @Avonderweidt , don’t take it personally, and use it to get better.

In this wiki, it is a community-made database of resources that you can utilize on your behalf. I’m not going to tell you what to and what not to do, but you can take inspiration from others to improve yourself. Here’s some tips you can utilize for build quality: Wiki


Speaking in defense of @Avonderweidt, he’s quite a knowledgeable roboteer, and he is not at all an amateur. From what he has told me, he had much success in vex iq, and qualified for worlds multiple times. He has won many trophies, and had a very competitive robot in his first year of VRC, nearly qualifying for worlds again this year. Having seen his robot, it was built very well and was one of the most reliable in our region. I imagine the “expectations” that are being talked about are comparing his RI3D to something like a vexu team or 210y, a top tier team. Keep in mind that this was his first RI3D, and he only had 3 people to do everything. Maybe it’s not perfect, but that isn’t a representation of his knowledge/skills, just a lack of time and resources. I know that my boy knows how to use bearing flats :wink:. And @Sylvie did clarify what he meant, that he meant no disrespect or “shade”, as quoted. I think by clearing that up there is no need to call him out again for lack of respect.