Odd things your team have done.

This is just another mixer thread. Here is where you post some of the odd things your team have done.

One of our team mates tried to hide the robot.
2013-02-19 16.04.19.jpg

Used a spare motor as a flag twirler at worlds, and created a high goal flipper with enough power to score a sack in the trough from the starting tile.

Brought an entire desktop computer to our pit table for programming.

^ Your avatar is perfect.

Haha love this!

The PTCs in our motors overheated in a competition so we took bags of ice from the snack room, called a time out, and iced the motors to cool them down before one of our semifinal matches :slight_smile:

We wake up every morning and pretty much everything after that point is odd…

Using half of our zipties tieing the zippers of other people’s bookbags together

One of our other teams flipped their robot over on top of its arm (at a 45 degree angle, roughly) AFTER the match when they tried to drive the robot back to the starting tile. With the arm down.

Oh. One of our members made the arm go up underneath the trough, was like “OH CRAP” and dove for the robot with the controls. Didn’t drive away, didn’t lower the arm. Dove for the robot without turning off the controller.

Well, we have attended 7 events this season. :slight_smile:

Cheers, Paul

I organized a scrimmage once…

But then you took an arrow in the knee?

In my case I took an arrow to the face.

In New Zealand there’s a pizza place called Hell’s Pizza and they do something called pizza roulette. In this little game they place a drop of extremely spicy sauce onto one slice of pizza and don’t tell you which one. Needless to say I thought this would be great fun to play with some of the students I mentor. Of course I got the lucky slice, my mouth has never been the same.

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The teacher at the school I mentor washed a couple of their sacks the other week. And yes, he used a washing machine

I’ve in-took a sack…

The odd thing about this is that it is not even true…

Realising that our scoring mechanism for the trough can reliably catapult a sack from the starting tile into the high goal.

I’d like to see a video of that

I’m not sure you understand how difficult it was to make that event happen… personally I thought Matt did a great job, but to each his own I suppose :confused:

Haha! I tried to cool them down with a fan and some ice after a semifinals match xD

Wrote on the motors a name for each an every one of them.

My team had two ties in a row during the semifinals and both scores were 140-140

One time during a build I wrote PID code on the arm with a massive P

up and down and up and down and up…