Old Vex EDR

Does vex have web-based coding to connect to the old EDR brains? If so what is it? Robot C was a software based issue. I want my students to use old EDR cortex on their chrome books. I have tried IQ but the brain does not seem to communicate.


On an EDR? I highly doubt it.

I believe EDR predated the online-based software packages. I hope I’m wrong, though.
If it’s a Cortex, perhaps Modkit?


Nvm only older versions will support EDR

You could use Robot Mesh Studio, which has web interface and should work on Chromebooks.


To be clear, no versions of VEXCode have ever supported the Cortex. From my memory the only online based programming solution for the Cortex is Robot Mesh Studio, as @Illyana mentioned.


I haven’t ever used cortex
I just guessed VEXcode could support it

Yea, I’ve noticed a lot of guessing recently from some of the new forum members. It’s not helping.


Related to this topic:
Does anybody know of where I could find a downloadable program to code some Vex EDR robots? We have some students who will be using our older equipment where there is no wifi. Everything I’ve so far found is web-based.

Hoping to find a place to download a program to install on a laptop that has Blockly. (block based coding - and possibly covert to C++). Please let me know!


RobotC v4 was/is a good option for programming the Cortex. Other alternatives include EasyC and PROS.

RobotC and EasyC both offer blocks based options, and both use C as a text language.


Here’s a link to RobotC, should be a free license if you download it here:


Well this sounds and looks great! Looks like there’s a free download at https://www.robotc.net/, which is exactly what we need.

Thanks @sazrocks !!


Thanks! Love the free license!

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