Omni wheels and the ramp

I searched around the forum but didn’t see much on this topic. So, has anyone had good luck on the ramp using omni wheels? We really like using them because we have built in a strafe that allows the robot to slide sideways. This really helps our drivers line up when picking up balls. We have not had much luck staying on the ramp.

On our most recent robot we used 6 omniwheels 4 in the back and 2 in the front. The extra grip allowed it to drive up onto the ramp quickly. Also our last robot did have strafing abilities and used 5 omniwheels (one for sliding sideways) and on full battery we could drive all the way up the ramp. this one had a 1:1 gear ratio and 2 motors for driving forward and 1 for strafing.

My team’s robot can get on the ramp using 4 omnis - but only on the bottom half. It needs to rest with two wheels in the holes in order to maintain stability. The kids tried adding 2 additional omnis for tractions - which worked great BUT it dramatically reduced pivot speed so they scrapped it.

Our team had this problem too. We eventually gave up our strafing for the ability to climb the ramp. Currently rocking quad motor high speed tank drive. Having both torque and speed without a gearbox is freaking ridiculous.