Online Challenge Winners Posted!

**Congratulations to all Teams and Individuals who were selected to win prizes in this season’s Online Challenges!
To view Winners, select a Challenge and click on the blue “View Winners” button (the button may appear on the right side or bottom of your screen depending on the device you are using). Note that not all challenges award winners in the same categories, so please refer to the posted ‘Prizes’ and ‘Eligibility’ sections for each challenge to confirm.

Winners will be contacted via email today; please wait for this email with instructions on your next steps.

And to EVERYONE who participated: Your entries these season were absolutely amazing, and you should be very proud of your work. It is difficult for our judges to select the top entries because so many are excellent; but with over 1300 entries, competition is fierce. We are very excited to see your entries for next season, and wish you the very best of luck and skill!

You can see the winners for the Robomatter VRC and VEX IQ Challenge Programming Skills Challenge for Robot Virtual Worlds when you click on the challenge title from the Online Challenges Site - it will take you directly to the RVW challenge page with the two winners posted.