Online Game Manuals - Now Available!

Finally done with the first part of my summer project!

A few weeks back, I decided that it could be a good community resource to have the VRC and VIQRC Game Manual available as web pages. In theory, it’ll allow for faster navigation and easier searchability than the PDF versions.

It can be found here.

(It should be noted that just like any other available resources, in the case of any discrepancies, the official PDF manual will always take precedence. )

I’m always open to feedback, so let me know if you find anything that looks broken, missing (which is very possible, as there’s been 3 game manual updates since I first exported everything into HTML) or other ways to improve this page! I’ll post an update to this thread when the VIQRC manual page is ready.


Happy Birthday, @DRow :wink:


Happy Birthday @DRow ! Wishing you many many happy returns of the day!


Ermm… Is it just me…?

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It worked for me. Maybe it’s just your time zone or smth.

Happy Birthday DRow!


Hmm…that’s odd. It’s working for me. I checked your URL address, and it looks accurate. Very odd indeed…

One thing I was thinking about was a record of old game manuals could be helpful.


It only appears to exist on the USA version of the website. Until they fix it, just switch your store location to USA and it works fine.


If you choose a game from this page, you’ll find the link to its game manual in the downloads section.


I’m pretty sure VRC hub has all the game manuals back to nothing but net.

Oops… should be fixed now.


This looks really nice!
I am quite curious on the development of this. Is it an automated audit of the pdf, by reading the pdf source code? Or is it done by manually copying and pasting contents to each component?

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Thanks! To peel back the curtain a bit…

Both the VRC and VIQRC game manuals are created in Adobe InDesign, which can then export into a bunch of different formats (PDF, HTML, XML, etc.)

I simply got an exported copy of the manual in HTML, cleaned up all the excess junk that InDesign includes with it, then made it look prettier. (Here’s a screenshot of the IQ page that I’m currently working on, in the “before” state) :nauseated_face:


As promised, the online VIQRC Full Volume Manual page is finished!

It can be found here.