Online Voting

When does the online voting begin? We’ve tried to add links to Facebook timelines and vote directly on the website, but the votes don’t seem to stick.

Public voting is now open. Voting closes at 2:00 PM CST on Friday, January 27, 2017.
To vote for an entry, you must first log in to your Online Challenges account. Then click on a challenge, click the All Entries button on the right, click on the TITLE of the entry you want to view, and vote for it by clicking the “thumbs up” icon in the top left.
You can also link directly to your entry, as you’ve stated above - but in order to vote, users must create an account on the Online Challenges site.
Thanks, and good luck!

Point of clarification: “Likes” on Facebook do not count as valid votes. You must log in to your Online Challenges account (even the public must create an account) and vote on the site itself.