Only V5 Robots next season 2020-2021?

During the Tower Takeover season, I noticed that all teams in Southern California are using the V5 system.

  1. So I am wondering if all states notice the same thing? Is everyone on V5 now?

  2. Are we going back to 12 motors or 10 motors + Pneumatics? Would love to build a 12 motor V5 robot, there are 21 ports on the V5 brain.

  3. For Automation & Robotics Master Teachers, When will master teachers in AR teach the V5 system? Currently, the curriculum is based on the V4 system.


12 motor V5 is challenging since

  1. motors cost money. Teams like us can’t afford to replace that many motors if something breaks and getting them in the first place might be tough

  2. V5 Motors are big and thick. It’s going to be hard to fit that many into a single robot.

  3. V5 motors’s voltage is turned down with each additional motor

  4. V5 in general costs a lot of money. Some teams just can’t make the switch yet.


It’s been a while since I’ve been to a competition with a cortex robot. I think 12 motors might be a bit much given the fact that you usually only need 1 per mechanism. But 10 would be nice.


In my opinion, 10 motors or 8 motors and 2 pneumatic cylinders would be a good option. Since V5 has been introduced, we’ve seen much fewer robots with pneumatics, so this option could be a good way to bring pneumatics back to VEX.


I can see vex definitely making the change to all V5 next season. Vex isn’t planning on keeping legacy around it’s supposed to be faded out. This next season I think would be the perfect time to do so and the argument that motors are are big and hard to build with doesn’t make sense because it just adds a challenge to teams that want small bots and wants to use all the motors which doesn’t mean you have too.

They could also do 8 motors or 7 motors+pneumatics. I would have readily used pneumatics this season if it only cost one motor but I couldn’t afford to lose the second one so I used 8 motors.


About a third of the robots in Delmarva are still Cortex based. I’m sure they won’t get flipped for 2020-21. May be a chance for 2021-2022.

II’m still betting the motor limit will stay for 2021-2022. Battery issue, weight, and cost will keep most teams motor usage down.


I would just like them to get rid of the pneumatics penalty. As long as you maintain the penalty there will never be an incentive to invest in them and explore the opportunities available.


I’d like to see more pneumatic too, i think the issue is the amount of available air more than the motor penalty.


4 motors with 6 pneumatic cylinders motors only for the drive. That would be interesting.

I agree, even when using the V4 a 2 motor penalty stopped us from using pneumatics.

10 motors would be nice and 9 motors + Pneumatics would be a good alternative.

Has anyone tried 12 motors and observed how the battery responded?

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My school has the middle school using v4, and the high school using v5, although I was told that this will change next year and everyone will be on v5.

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I think 10 motors with v5 is too easy. That’s my complaint about vexU. Challenge them like they do us. 8 motors makes you come up with unique and different mechanisms, much like design constraints in the real world. 8 motors keeps things interesting


That is if you still have enough good ports… It is not uncommon to have almost all spare ports to be blown by ESD.


Is this true? What are you basing that comment on?

I believe so. VEXU has unlimited motors but each additional motor lowers the individual voltages above 8. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

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Ahhh, right. There is a current limit but that is different. @jpearman would be able to explain the rationale.

The battery can only supply so much current at once so that’s where the limit comes from

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Is this hypothesis based on experience or logic?

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I’m not sure if this has changed since 1.0.9 i’m guessing not but here is this. How does the decreased current affect the robot when using more than 8 motors