Over under Endgame

Hey, vex shows in the Over Under game reveal that they use a claw for endgame do you guys have nah other ideas? And if using a claw do you think it should be made from scratch or bought from vex?

During brainstorming, an idea I thought up would be to have three wheels that surround the pole and wheel it up. Just an idea; wonder what y’all think.


I think the thought is great but

How do you get the wheels around the pole and how do they have enough traction to pull your robot up?

If you were to do this, it would apply a lot of stress on the motors to keep the robot up. Either you have a light robot, or a well built design. You would also have to have a good grip on the pole, and the wheels might lose their traction eventually.



teams will probably have to make a rachet for the claw because power cuts at the end


I have already been brainstorming an idea where you have a 6m drive with each side linked with gears, and then in the end, a pneumatic indexer shoves a gear in to link all drive motors to the climbing mech. Then we can take inspiration from the various rock climbing devices such as belays and ratchets to be sure the robot stays up. One thing that will be interesting to see is how many robots will fall. Picture this: something goes wrong and when power cuts at the end of the Mach, your robot tumbles to the floor in the middle of a tournament. This will certainly be an interesting game


another idea to clamp onto the post is a sort of a reverse claw rubber banding closed and using a motor to open it to get around the post, this would be better because it is not relying on a motor to stay elevated.


I feel like one reasonable idea would be to have a robot stack itself onto another robot, and for the bottom robot to raise itself. However, this would only allow for one robot to get a good tier, while the other one would stay at the floor. It could work in the beginning though.

They actually showed that in the game reveal, at the end where they explained the j tier. I think an elevator bot might be a good idea but you’re right about the tier thing.

If the other robot is contacting the floor, neither robot can be considered elevated.

Idea 1:
Copy 1103 from Round Up.

Idea 2:
Some type of really powerful and tall lift, ex. dr4b or cascade + pneumatic friction lock
Lift extends in last few seconds, pneumatic lock grabs pole and lift retracts to pull the robot up. One obvious downside is that the robot will have to be really light, but I think this option is pretty solid.

I had an idea like this that uses pneumatics and motors

I have an idea of a double reverse 4-bar lift that has a claw at the top. Once the claw is attached to the pole you reverse it and the robot goes up.

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I feel like the most efficient and lightest way would be to somehow use the drive motors to power the climbing mech. Maybe a PTO to the climber? I would love to see something other than a lift.


i feel the new weight challenge for the endgame will be fun. i was thinking about piston pillars to pop out of the bottom

you can use a claw and put 1.6 inch flax wheels on it to give it grip to hang. and use a continuous lift to get yo the top of the pole.

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