"Parked" if pieces left on field?

I doubt this question will have an exact answer but any official guidance you can provide would be welcome. Please consider the following four scenarios when determining if a robot is “parked” on the ramp.

The robot is on the ramp and not touching the floor at the end of the match except:

  • A few small robot pieces are unintentionally left behind on the field.
  • A small part of the robot has been unintentionally left behind on the field AND is still attached to the robot by a motor wire.
  • A major fraction of the robot (say 40%) has been unintentionally left behind on the field.
  • Same as #3 but a repeat offender across multiple matches (although clearly unintentional). [/LIST]

    Thank you in advance!

  • Robot rule <R2> will be helpful in analyzing this question.

    Thus for a Robot to be considered Parked, the unit of Subsystems 1 and 2, and anything attached to them must satisfy the definition of parked.

    1. This Robot would be considered Parked.
    2. This Robot would not be considered Parked
    3. Depends on what major part; see the above definition.
    4. Same as #3.

    For #3 and #4, teams should be aware that intentionally detaching parts on the field is a violation of <G9>.