Parts Confusion

Hey ya’ll,

I have a question, so I was looking on the vex website and I saw on the US website they had coloring options of: Blue, Grey and black. But when I went to Canadas website I saw all the color options for the parts.


Can anyone at VEX explain to me why this is happening?

-Braeden :slight_smile:


Colored parts have been discontinued.

We’re out of stock for these particular parts in our US warehouse, but not Canada. Which is why they’re still available on the CA website.


I’ miss some of the colored parts. I was a diehard gray fan. But there were more an more teams doing things with colors (school color / team colors). And then with build blitz colors became more fun. I’d like to see the colors come back.


Ah, poor Foster, you are not the only one who dreams of more color choices…

Please, watch this clip to 3:00 mark:


This is a platform to be used by 3rd to 8th graders. This is a competition that works with the same ages as LEGO league. I’m glad I have enough colored parts to last my teams for ten years but this bizarre.

Lol, pretty hilarious how they managed to sneak a small talk about two range transmissions into the middle of a romantic song but, seriously, @DRow why would you choose to stop making multi-color parts?

Are you running out of space in your Texas warehouse and had to reduce your storage bin count or is there a global shortage of the plastic coloring dye that is driving up your manufacturing costs?

You can always use third party parts to add decorations to the robot in the school/team colors. I think adding multi colored Lego pieces and team’s favorite mini-figure as the designated robot “driver” would be a perfect fit:


I have a stack of the VEX figures that we use for drivers.

I also have a handful of minfigs that I super glue the 1x2 beams to so they can be mounted on the robot.

We’ve also used the driver cages from some of the Hexbug kits (space rover)

Some point in the past there was discussions about un-bundling some of the hexbug parts and gear assortments so we could buy stacks of just one part. At the time @DRow and Art Dutra made comments about the effort required to add and maintain a SKU. The bottom line was it was pretty hard. Hope that we hear why the colors are gone, but I’ll bet it has to do with the large number of SKU and the inventory management.