Parts for Hexbug products?

Is it possible to get parts for Hexbug products such as the Off-Road Truck? I already ordered the Vex IQ Competition Super Kit and Gear & Motion Assortment. I tried to use SnapCAD to design a car but I don’t know which part is for Vex IQ sets or HexBug products

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On their own? No.

The only way you’ll be able to get them is to purchase the actual HEXBUG kit. All of those can be found here:


I bought the Off-Road Truck kit. I’m missing a clear 1X2 block that is used as headlight. Which version of Android OS is compatible with Vex Pilot App? Is it possible to replace the motors included with the kit with those from Vex IQ and use the Robot Brain and Controller?

If you have a broken or missing part contact Hexbug support +1-903-453-0804 and they will send out what you need.

I can’t help you on what version of the OS is compatible.

More than a few of us have used the VEXIQ motors and brain. You’ll need to raise the hood to fit the steering motor in. The Brain will need to go in the back. Good luck!

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Like @Foster, I also have an IQ version of the truck. With mine, the Brain is in the cabin with the screen facing out like the window. It’s easy enough to convert.


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