Past worlds winners?

I was wondering if there is a website where I can see past worlds winners? Also preferably not just first place, but second place or third place as well (for the awards that there is a first, second, and third etc. for). Also preferably a website that has several of the past years games, not just last year (SS). Thanks in advance!

This is probably the closest thing to what you are looking for:

I wish i went to worlds but SD only took 1 high and middle school team

Most competition related information can typically be found on the REC Foundation’s website.

(There is an archive of past years if you scroll to the bottom of this page)

In addition to the links given by @DRow, results from past seasons can also be seen at VexDB.

However, I don’t think VexDB has a place where you can see all past Worlds winners in one place like the link given by @Owen:

You can also view results from previous competitions by using the Map Search on Robot Events and setting the filter to show events from a previous year.

The links for 2014 VEX Worlds in this section seem to be broken.

@Easton If it helps, I can tell you that my team 9065 and 16666B got second place last year.