Permission Denied Error Every Day?

Having a problem connecting to every day from ~1:00-1:15pm PST. I keep getting a permission denied error. This is impacting my class that meets at 1:00pm M-F. Are you guys doing routine maintenance or something during the day?

You can try using a different browser/computer/operating system/account to get it to work. If not, I recommend contacting the VEX support team. Any other questions?


Lab computers are Mac Minis. Tried a Windows laptop, different room, same problem. It’s the time of day that seems to be the issue.

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Try contacting the VEX team.

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Does it work at other times of day?


Yes, it works fine after about 1:15pm PST. I’m thinking it’s some kind of routine maintenance either on our end or VEX’s. Working around it for now, but it’s never been a problem before. /shrug

Sounds like an issue at the firewall end but worth getting @tfriez perspective.

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Ok, now I’m having the issue earlier. Here’s the error message:

Access Denied

You don’t have permission to access “” on this server.

Reference #18.460be8ac.1652901172.314d4c72

That’s usually an issue with internet provider I believe.
There’s a topic discussing it for a different site here.

and I’ve seen the problem before when trying to access certain other government sites occasionally. I could never find a solution, had to use a VPN to access them.


It sounds like you’re accessing the site through a school system. Have you tried checking with your school‘s IT department to see if they have something they are doing at that time of the day that might be interfering?

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Yes, I’m at a public school. I’ve emailed our tech Dept and waiting to hear back. Today it was totally random, though, so who knows?

I would recommend using a VPN if available. Or trying to connect to a hot spot using a non-school laptop.

I don’t work in the same corporation as @Robert_Drew but I can tell you that using a VPN or connecting to a hot spot while at work, and encouraging students to do so as well, would be a direct violation of the Acceptable Use Policy I sign every year, and I would face some pretty hefty consequences if I chose to do those things.

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We didn’t have to sign anything and I said a non-school computer so they could not prosecute in any way.

Thanks for the suggestion, but a VPN isn’t an option in my situation at school.

Your link shows http:// but the site is actually https:// (secured) Wonder if the redirect is causing your problem?

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To provide an update on this … it ended up being the firewall on our side, where a rate control setting on our end was a bit too strict. We’re working to make changes to the settings so this will be less likely to happen. If anybody runs into those errors with a long alpha numeric Reference #, feel free to contact VEX support or post on the forums, and we will try to resolve it as quickly as we can.