Personal Vex Team Quotes


Just as a fun little thread, I would like to hear a few quotes you and your robotics team mates have made during your time together. It doesn’t have to pertain to Vex at all; just a quote you made with you’re team mates that is always a funny inside joke. My team, 1233F has a notebook dedicated to just this. We put most of the in the notebook too, for a little touch of humanity. A few are:

“Hey F team, are you sure you’re robot is in the box?” - Last year, we had made a super light, all aluminum robot and we were packing our stuff.

“What are you talking about Jordan?” - I say an outrageous amount of stupid things.

“What happened to my chair? I’M OUT OF FRICKIN’ CHAIRS!!!” - Our head programmer kept getting up from his chair and every time his chair was stolen and after about 4-5 chairs, there were none left. So, he gets up with a very panicked look on his face and says this.

These are just a few; I would love to hear what you guys have to say! Thanks!


I need a guy powered grant
Clean that up
I don’t care how its done, just fix it
Daddy Sims (One of our Coach’s name is Mr.Sims)
Is this an elevator because I want to take this relationship to the next level (lots of bad pickup lines)
Just because something is unreliable doesn’t mean it isn’t great. Take Stephen Hawking for an example, great man even though most of him doesn’t work. (talking about another one of our school’s robots)


“Did aluminum come in yet?”
“Our bot is garbage sometimes”
“We need a better autonomous”
"Are you sure you know what you’re doing?’
“We have no lifes.”


I can relate with that chair problem.

“that’s not a nylock, that’s a brick!”
“what’s a power cord?”
“what’s better, autodesk or CAD?”
“I’m thirsty, do we have any chips?”

we have a chalkboard with many more.


“Why is our robot such garbage”
“Just FIX IT!”

Those are probably our best ones.


“Whats holding on the cortex? A screw and a zip tie.”
“… for safety purposes.”


zipties are underrated, last year part of our drive was held together with zipties.


“who needs a life when you can make some pieces of metal move around”


“I want to die but VEX comes first” - me
Also I just cut my knuckle on my little finger because it was dark and I thought it was a zip tie, so I said some words that are allowed on the discord for that occasion…


“There is a problem with our robot” - Programmer
“IT’S PROS!!!” - Builder/Driver (Me)


Team mate: “Did remember you select an autonomous?”
Me: “Yes”
Team mate: “But did you really?”
Me, discreetly reaching down to select an autonomous right before the match starts: “yes…”


“Don’t forget the batties” ( I tried to write batteries on my arm with a marker to remember to grab some from Safeway, I misspelt it)
“It. Doesn’t. Fit. The. Piece” while banging my head on the wall
“Hear me out… [Insert bad idea here].”
“HEY! zip ties are a legitimate way to hold the drivetrain on”


“Where’s The shaft collar-y Allen wrenchy thingimibob?!”
“Jeez Harrison chill.”
“Oh wow this team is undefeated and we have to play against them. That’s gonna be so fun.”


“Pass the ‘VEX legal’ zip tie”
“Who took my Allen key”
“Why did you use nyloks”
“If you believe you can achieve”


10/10 Designing, 4/10 Building
“Don’t blow up another motor controller”
Chokes in semis


“we have to use zip ties made by vex? what next, we have to only eat vex certified food?”


“Why is it smoking This time?”

“Putting a 9-volt on your tongue doesn’t hurt. I’ve done it before.” -Team mate
Team mate gets shocked


Gets shocked
“Jack, I swear, if you plug that in while I’m working on it one more time, I’ll make you program the autonomous!” - Nathan


I don’t know who said it on the forum
“If it falls off, and the robot still works, call it weight reduction and get on with your life.”


I think this is someone’s signature, I remember it too