Personal Vex Team Quotes

8 motor 600rpm direct drive with omnis is overkill
EDIT: Yes thats a quote.

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would it be better to gear up 200rpm or gear down 600 rpm?

  • gear up 200 rpm
  • gear down 600 rpm
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ok so while my drive right now uses 600 rpm geared down. It is “better” for the motors to be the lower rpm geared up.

A 600 rpm drive will heat up because it will almost always at its maximum torque. It would be better for the motors in general to use geared up 200 rpm.

Now the real question does this discussion warrant a new thread?

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If you gear down from 600 rpm, l, there will be less slop in the motors than if you geared up from 200 rpm. This is important when you are looking to make a super accurate autonomous.


yeah, probably good for a new thread
I’m interested in what other teams have for drive cartridges and ratios
you can make the thread if you’d like

cartridge thread is here:


I kid you not, one kid on my team build this, and geared it up slightly. I was kinda stipud. lemme see if I had some pictures of it.

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“Why’d you name the program ‘Totally Not a Virus’?”


“if it works it works, I am not changing this right now”


“8 turbo moter full omni drifty boi”
Yes this is a separate quote from the one i posted before
translation for those that can’t understand my team’s horrible vex grammar:
“8 600 RPM motor full omni drift bot”


“I name this robot bob”

“Bob for 16688 is taken”

“Oh all right ill name it ‘beeg stick’ then”



somebody told me not to build that :roll_eyes::heart_eyes:


our discord be like

“wedges bad”


“hacksaws sound like a metal pig being fried by an evil robosaurus”


Context: One guy gets his hand hit by a c-channel from the controller holder that our team made for holding controllers.

“Why did you make that spring so hard?..My hand hurts.”

put EVERYTHING before vex

@ROBOTEER Doesnt that mean vex is your least priority when you put everything before it?

thats what our coach tells us. We live in UK so if we go to worlds then we will miss skl so we should prioritise evertyhgin as going to wrolds is a big sacrifice

“Our B team spent last 30 minutes of the build session trying to attach ‘DON’T GIVE UP!’ sign to their robot, but it kept falling off.”

“Did they succeed?”

“No, they just gave up.”


Wait, is this the first time Illyana has posted in Personal Vex Team Quotes?