Pictures and photo stream from Create US Open?

Are there any photo streams of the Create US Open?

I am hoping to find something similar to the Vex Flickr photo stream to help augment our own photos.

We would love some photos of the event in general and specifically the Mega Alliance challenge. We apparently did not get many action shots of this event. Got pictures of cups on the stands but not a lot of action shots.

(I will edit this post to include a link to our photo album once compiled in a few days)

On the US Open page of the CREATE website is where they post the photos of each years this is the link to where it is at. They are at the bottom.

Hmmm. They seem to be a bit behind so I was hoping the community could help out…

From their site:

2015 Championship
Pictures (Coming soon)

Finally got to the pictures. Team 80J Cannonball got the Middle School Think Award and 81Z Professor X was in the second place Mega Alliance challenge.

But this is the only picture I have from the Mega Challenge… So any others from that challenge would be great!