PID course/tutorial

Where can I find a good course or tutorial on PID in VEXcode V5 text?


Searchbar on this forum,, or via the vexforum wiki


@Laine Admittedly, there are so many PID questions on the forum that it really makes it hard to find quality ones. Here is a quick list of PID resources that come to mind:

  1. My Basic PID Introduction
  2. What is PID?
  3. The Fabled PID & specifically this guide
  4. Tuning PID
  5. Advanced RobotC PID Example

Hopefully this serves as a good springboard for you to continue researching PID resources online as others have suggested. While none of these resources will teach you the entire in’s & out’s of PID alone, if you take the useful information from all of them you should get a very solid understanding of PID.

I also suggest taking active notes while reviewing these resources. For me, active notes would look like, writing down important terms (both ones I understand and ones which I do not understand), formulas, summarizing ideas in my own words, writing my own pseudocode and so on. This especially helped when I was tracing the code in the 5th link since there are some advanced ideas and concepts in there. Please keep this thread updated with your progress & I hope this helps :smile: