Pid in vex iq

So ive got this sample code for using PID in vex iq. Am i right to say that I must edit the part I will show below in order for the code to make my drivetrain work the way i want it to?

eg if i want it to turn 87 degrees, do i change the parts where it says 180 to 87?

idk if robotc is antiquated now but i have PID in vex iq example from last year in robotC

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besides that yeah Im pretty sure thats now it works but its best to write your own pid and understand it instead of using a P-loop written by caution tape.

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do u know how to find ur kp? i was thinking of just using different values in caution tapes code, until in works with our robot, however i dont know if thats an efficient method

@ROBOTEER so while @Hao_16688C has the solution I would reccomend not using blocks as they are limted in the flexibility you have


if im not mistaken, text and blocks have all the same commands or am i wrong?

No, text has more complicated commands. That’s why you can concert from blocks to text, but not vice-versa.

You have to tune it. Its different for every robot so caution tape’s values wont work for your robot. I forgot how to tune too lazy to re learn but i’m pretty sure you adjust kP until oscillations and then increase kD until the oscillations stop. Also I highly recommend a PD loop instead of a P loop.

@ROBOTEER to reenforce Hao’s point, you really should deeply understand this if you are going to use it. Review rule G6 in the game manual as well.