PID or auto correcting turn system help

Hi, this is my first year in vex robotics and I am new to any coding besides blocks. I know the basics of c++ and not much more.

As I’ve constructed a skills autonomous this season, I’ve noticed that my program is extremely inconsistent no matter what I do to the code. It can be so inconsistent that it almost scores different goals during different runs with the same exact code (even though all I do is change the battery and let the motors rest).

Anyway, I have been looking into creating a PID or some sort of auto-correcting turn system to make my runs more accurate. I have tried to find resources to help me with starting, but most teams keep their code to themselves so there isn’t a lot of examples or tutorials out there. If you could help me find resources, give me tips, or even show me an example program, that would be extremely helpful.


Edit: I would like to use the inertial sensor and c++ coding if possible.

Here is a document by George Gillard that goes over the basics of a PID control loop with pseudocode

And here is an example P loop in vexcode c++


Thank you! I’ll take a look at it.

Here is how you do forward/backward and turn PID:

for your turning, replace the variable from rightencoder-leftencoder to the inertial sensor heading

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