Pit Activities

Amidst all of these awesome reveal videos, I’d like to advertise 2496’s selfie game for Kentucky. We’ll be giving away shirts for the winners and were wondering if anyone else was doing something similar.

our team likes to drive a little tank with a go-pro mounted on it around to other teams

Come find 4478X to enter a raffle for an authentic Masuk Robotics t-shirt plus a totally rad knick knack. In addition to this, we will be hosting a competition to guess how much jelly beans are inside our jar, in which the winner will receive those jelly beans for themself.

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@VexoSkel4 quick question, are we allowed to weight, or measure the jar?

Oh yay - finally something I can win at Worlds. :wink:

6030 Will be giving away stickers, and the funniest pun about our robot gets beads!

Here’s another activity going on during worlds:

This is really cool, but they should add a bill of materials so that they do not end up sending 70 pounds of chassis rail and no nuts or bolts.


In the MCCC VEX-U pit, they will have a parts list of the classroom & competition super kit to help keep a tally and act as a sort of guide for what we need. But we hope that organizations that are better off will donate some electronics, while anyone is welcome to just drop off some spacers, standoffs, or even pocket change (there will be a jar for that, too).

We’ll be sticking with the traditional look-only approach.

Ok, sk what your saying, is that we should find the jar on amazon gotcha

same lol