Pit Size

We are planning out our pits for World’s. In looking at the dimensions, they just don’t seem correct. The FAQ for VRC and IQ states that each pit is 10’ x 10’ with an 8’ back wall and a 3’ sidewall. The back and side wall dimensions seem correct. However, our 2 pits side by side last year would have been 10’ deep and 20’ wide. They didn’t seem nearly that big?
It’s seems like they were 5’ deep, not 10?

VRC will work out for us either way, but we wanted to have our field set out in the IQ pit and it would need much of this space.

Were the pits from last year, as seen in the 2015 FAQ, actually 10’ wide and 10’ deep? And will this be the same this year?

I can confirm that VEX IQ and VRC pit booths will be 10’ wide by 10’ deep. They were 10’ x 10’ last year also.