Pitching in ball tearing apart

I am just wondering if its just me or it is other people because I have 4-5 balls like that. Here is some pictures.

Duct tape.
Or, if you want to keep them (maybe) competition legal (if you are hosting tournaments, get out the curved needle and thread…

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No, it’s definitely not just you. I also have a good number like that. Here’s two that I haven’t gotten around to fixing yet.

I haven’t tried it, but I suspect that duct tape might come off in the intake, especially with the popularity of the rubber band roller intakes. I will try it though and see how it goes.

Unfortunately, this is the only way I’ve found to fix them (other than to buy more).

I thought the risers last year were bad (when some of them were so worn out that if you picked it up too fast by the top plate, the top plate would come off), but this early in season with the balls I think is probably worse.

If anyone has found a successful fix other than a needle and thread, I’d love to hear about it.


Thanks alot, I will have to ask my parents to do it for me.

Maybe learn to do it so you can add a new skill you developed this season. Judges love hearing about problem solving and new skill development.


I asked a parent to stitch the open balls. She’s happy to help the team and it works!


argh - get parent to teach kids how to do it… life skills!


Ehhh, I honestly would not trust people in VEXIQ with anything as sharp as a needle, especially when learning how to use it isn’t all that important if a life skill (I can count on one hand how many times I’ve had an actual reason to use one). Plus having the parents do it makes them more involved in their team and interested in the success of their kid.

VIQC kids can be up to 15 years old (MS-ish age globally … )

If their competition parts are falling apart because they are “that good” and “that great”, then maybe they are ready to learn new skills.

Sorry, kids who are doing robotics are ready to learn new skills unless they need adults to do it for them :slight_smile:

Seriously, it is ok for kids to learn new things.


Yes, I could have the parent teach a team member to do it. Honestly, hadn’t thought of it, I just took the easy road. I will have the parent teach a student.


thanks! inspiring students one stitch at a time!

The mission is to develop problem solvers who are able to use a variety of materials, tools, and techniques to solve novel problems. Indeed, tools and materials present hazards, but with support of skilled mentors/coaches/parents students will thrive now and in the future when they face unexpected challenges!


This little guy is the right size once you trim his tag, feet, and hair. Find him at Dollar Tree. Yes, I’m awesome and you’re welcome.


That is an adorable solution.
But now I’m only going to be able to picture tiny minions being flung around the field during every match… thanks for that.

However, I feel obligated to say while this is a potential dollar store substitute, it is still incredibly important to still confirm that designs work with the official game object. The size, weight, and finish of the minion is different than that of the official Ball. I would hate to see a pure minion team show up to competition and have their robot not perform as expected because the Balls are just different enough from what they’ve been practicing with.


This could easily be solved by making the minions the official game element. Easier, probably cheaper than the vex ones, and much cuter.


At this moment everyone will only pay attention to the balls now. I wonder what my team will think.

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Found them!


World’s gonna have only minion balls for the practice fields



@Sidoti please :pleading_face: :pleading_face: :pleading_face:



What would we do without you, Sidoti.