Placed vs Scored

I am wishing for an official verdict for this question.

According to the Tower Takeover Game Manual a Placed cube is defined by if it is breaks the Tower’s Placing Line, and is only to be disqualified if there are multiple cubes that meet that definition or that it doesn’t break the Tower Placing Line.

So, does the cube count if the cube is touched by another robot at the end of the match?

(I am only asking because many referees are confused if the Scored definition applies to the Placed definition, of where the cube does not count if the robot is touching it. )

For official verdicts, u go to the official Q and A

Also, do u mean that when the robots stop moving and the match is over, the cubes are being touched by a robot in which case, it doesnt matter if a cube is placed, it doesnt, count as scored. Being placed is a prerequisite for being scored.

Edit: I got confused, just skip reading this

Placed vs. Scored refer to different things

A Placed cube is one which is in a tower, changing the point value of Scored cubes (aka those that are valid in the scoring zone)

This has been asked and answered in the official Q&A, and the wording in the game manual seems perfectly clear, so the problem is clearly referee training.

As you state, there is a difference between “placed” applying to a cube in a tower, and “scored” applied to a cube in a scoring zone. The manual is clear with wording about the robot touching a cube that is scored, and no working about a robot touching a cube that is placed in a tower. It doesn’t help when people talk about “scoring cubes in towers” instead of placing them, or building “towers of cubes” instead of stacks of cubes.

(edited because this has been asked and answered in the Q&A)


So a place cube that is touched by a robot does count?

(We had a competition where there were two cubes that were placed in towers that were touched by a robot and were not counted, therefore losing us the match. )

Yes. I actually had a ruling about this at a competition. The definition of Placed is not reliant on robots touching the cube in question


This is an example where a drive team member could respectfully “test” the head referee to see if the rules are properly understood by asking this question during the driver’s meeting.

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Correct; it still counts as placed. There was already an official Q&A regarding this (the official Q&A is the only place you can go for official answers that are to be followed by refs, not the forum).

Also, you should move your question from the online challenges area to just general tower takeover game questions.