Placement of hex balls at the beginning of the match.

I know that the students are allowed to turn the hex balls all in the same direction before the match starts. I did not see anything in the rules that prevents students from placing the hexballs like this to start a match. Can someone please clarify this for me?

Thank you



I definitely would not plan on it. They may not let anyone move anything, they certainly aren’t required to.

The students should ask the ref to reset the field properly, or ask permission to reset the field from the ref. There is no provision that says they are allowed to manipulate the elements.

The placement shown in the picture is not how the hexballs are set in the rules, and would require extra time every time your team competes. I highly doubt they will be allowed to do this.


That is what I told them too, but I told them I would ask.

That would make them much easier to pick up, like you can off of the fence… But easier is not better, it’s a “challenge” after all!

The Game Manual shows how the hex balls should be setup for each match. All the matches we have been to so far have hex balls set up per Game Manual. All the hex balls on the ground stand on 3 humps (instead of on 1 hump as shown in your picture). I wouldn’t bet that the ref would allow a customized hex balls setup like yours.