Placing the robot outside of the Field for Repairs

Are teams allowed to take the robot off the field for repairs? Or can a team remove their robot from the field if it cannot be fixed? I know the manual says to move the robot to the wall, but can it be taken out too?

Reason for my question: Sometimes a team repairing a robot may block access to balls and the alliance team would then have to go without. Also if a team does not have a robot ready when a match begins, a driver can stand there without a robot, so shouldn’t it be okay to remove a down robot for the remainder of the match???

Yes, this is allowed as per <G14>, provided that the team does not introduce any new parts to the Robot.

From above, re: <G14>: “It is not intended for teams to use as part of a strategy to gain an advantage in a match. If referees see teams intentionally or repeatedly doing this, they may be disqualified from said match.”