Plate swapping

while i would consider this to be unethical, are there any rules preventing this. and if not what are your opinions on doing this?
to clarify, im talking about swapping plates for different competitions, swapping them at the same competition is obviously illegal.

do you mean license plates? one robot cannot compete for two different teams if thats what your asking (technically you cant, but that rule is really hard to enforce)

There’s no rule preventing a robot from competing under different teams at different competitions. It is, however, widely viewed as unethical.

Never mind; see Karthik’s reply. I should have remembered that Q&A

thats true, its very unethical however, but the rule i assumed meant that said

so yeah, during competition its not legal, but afterwards and in between it is, it is however a scumbag move

So… If you change subsystem 2 of your robot during a competition, it is not legal.

BUT if you switch robots after a competition for another competition, this is perfectly legal. Although it is legal, it is highly advised to not do because it is unethical and not right for other teams…
How would you like to see a middle school team bring a high school built robot to a middle school competition?

^^ exactly

After considerable discussion, this was actually ruled to be illegal last year.

I’ll quote the important part:

@Karthik thanks for pointing that out

that makes sense, but i do see a couple problems with that.

  1. this would be incredibly hard to enforce,
  2. this rule could falsely catch teams that legitimately clone their robot.

I agree with that… If that rule states that says grabbing another robot from another team is illegal, then they should also add a rule saying that mentors/adults aren’t allowed to build the robot. Saying that adults aren’t allowed to build the robot is just as hard to enfoce, especially when all you need to do for the rule of taking another robot is rename the cortex’s name to the current team you’re at.

Yeah, its more of a rule for ethics, so that they can enforce it if they do catch somone, however before, it was legal. They dont hope to catch everyone, but the people resposable can be held responsable

You are absolutely correct. This is incredibly hard to enforce and if teams really want to break this rule, they’ll find a way to break this rule. However, last season there were teams who were flagrantly violating this rule, and as such we had to make this official ruling to stop them. It especially became a concern in VEX U, since some regions had rules that a team could only attend one official qualifying event.

Yes, this is correct.

Don’t be a cheater

that is a strong accusation.

He was literally asking, “is this legal”.