Plows and possesion?

I have been considering the viability of a plow robot and before i get to invested i wanted to hear yalls opinions on posseson.

The flapjack robot in this video is the perfect example of what im thinking.

From my peresonal interpertation it appears that this system of plowing and pushing triballs is perfeclt legal so long as the plow i not a concave surface. But i was just curiouse if anyone else had some insight on this.

The flapjack robot’s middle lexan piece is curved so would pushing 2 triballs with it count as possesion?

well its not curving around teh triball left to right its curving top to bottom which to me means that when you rotate it doesnt follow


Please take the time to read the definition of possession in the game manual. Pushing is not considered as possessing triballs.

If your plow is concave, yes it is possession, if your plow is flat, no it is not. Read the QAs if you want the exact wording. In this context, the vertically curved part is not controlling the movement of the triball, therefore it is not possession.

I do think that plows might be competitive if you have an intake and shooting mechanism too

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actually… I am not sure why do you have concern over this approach.
btw, normally we just call it wallbot (instead of flapjack).

since the 1st season of VRC till last season, this has been the usual interpretation - it is ok to plow or push with the straight-edge of the robots. But concave will mostly be ruled as possession or controlling the movement of the balls.

Even last season, there were no restrictions on using the straight-edge of the robots to push discs into the low goal.
Of course previous seasons’ rulings may not necessary be applicable to current season, but I don’t think there will be a change in this rule. Simply because for rulings, normally it has to be enforceable and also easy for the referees to make a judgement call. That’s the main reason why VRC has do away with most rulings that require the referees to decide on the intent of the teams.

Here’s some match recordings of SingVexT back in early June - SingVex Tournament 2023 - #8 by meng

There should be one or 2 videos that has the wallbot in action.

Another shameless plug over here - VRC Over Under - 8059 SingVEX Tournament Reveal 2023 - YouTube
It is around 0:56min - you will see our Ri3D wallbot.


Meng is correct about this. One thing you will have to be concious about though is moving backwards. If a Triball becomes stuck behind the “wall” of the robot, it could be considered a violation. For this reason, wallbot drivers must be cautious when driving backwards continuously.


I called it FlapJack because thats the name that they gave their robot in the video.