Pogo Stick Robot?

This is just from one of those ideas you get late at night, but what if you had a robot that was a pogo stick?

Elastics making the spring, wheels to make attitude control, and an intake in the pogo stick base.

You’d intake a ball, go up to the goal, bounce up, then fling the ball in.

Please give me a reason why I shouldn’t build this.


Try <G1>

No, but seriously, if you built this, and I was a referee, I would DQ you and then hand you the Amaze Award.


DQed on what grounds? Safety I could almost see, but this really doesn’t violate any rules, or even go against the spirit of any of the rules. There’s really no reason to DQ a robot like this unless it looks dangerous.

I don’t think it’d be possible to launch a robot that far into the air with elastics.

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And then when it’s time to high elevate, you simply leap into the air and come down on top of your alliance partner. Friction welds rule! Awesome!

I love crazy ideas. Go for it! (But first let’s see those energy equations. You can start with Work = Force x Distance = Weight x Height.)

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it would have to be ridiculously light and be able to go high enough to be worth it (be able to drop a ball into a 36 inch goal).

this means it has to jump at least 18 inches, then stability in the air comes into play.

have you ever dropped your robot from 18 inches in the air… bad things happen.

wont you still have to throw the ball after in the air because you cant pass the plane of the high goal (knocking you off balance in the air).

That being said, i would still love to see this robot built! just because it defies all logic! Sounds like an Inspector Gadget (vex team) project.

Please build it!

good luck

Self balancing jumping robot

Parrots jumping sumo bot


I have one of those sumo bots. They are pretty cool! Surprisingly light and easy to drive too.

Imagine the pogo bot “rejecting” all the opponent’s balls in the air. :stuck_out_tongue:

This would be worth it! Who cares about winning…I want to see that!

I hate to put an end to this idea, but it would be illegal due to SG10

Also, in this Q&A, it is clearly indicated that robots count as expanding if any part is more than 18" from the foam field tiles, regardless of where the bottom of the robot is.
That said, it would be a hilarious and impressive feat if such a robot were made, and I can agree with the response below.

No, I take that QA to mean that the robot can only be 18" tall which would be measured to the lowest point on the robot to the highest point on the robot.

By saying the robot can be lifted that would be the same as jumping

yes, as if it was on a mat at all times. this is what I understand. you’d just have to make sure the “legs” that make it jump don’t stick out the 18"^3 box while jumping. So, the robot might have to be shorter than 18" for normal transport.

Hmm, I suppose it could be interoperated either way, I read it as the top of the robot to the tiles can’t be more than 18".

I think you are interpreting the answer wrong…
Correct me if I am wrong but it says in that Q&A post that you can go as high as you want as long as your own robot does not exceed the 18 by 18 by 18.

Quoting Karthik:
There’s nothing preventing a Robot from being lifted by, or climbing onto, another Robot at anytime during the Match, provided that the Robot’s own height does not expand beyond 18"."

So I believe this would be legal and all the guys on our team would love to see it happen haha.

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You are correct. :slight_smile:

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I didn’t renew this thread but did this guy ever end up building the pogo bot? If so did it work?

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@drow I think we need a lock here