Porting LVGL to VEXcode Text

Hi all,

I want to port LVGL for use in VEXcode Text to display pictures and make a nice auton selector. Before you ask, yes, I could just use PROS, but my IT situation makes this not an option, and I also don’t have the time to learn okapi.

if I need to clarify anything don’t hesitate to message me.

First of all, you don’t need to learn how to use okapi, it’s completely separate from the main API. Doing simple stuff like moving motors is actually less writing with PROS.

Motor motor(1);

Too bad about IT.

LVGL with VEXCode has been done before:

It probably should not be too complicated, just follow the LVGL porting guide. You can use the PROS source as reference on how to connect LVGL to the VEX display.


Hey, @theol0403, Thanks for the quick reply.

I checked the PROS wiki , which basically said to untick a box to use LVGL. Then I realized you weren’t talking about the wiki, and my next question is, should I be checking the PROS program source or some LVGL example code made with PROS?


I was going to release this code a while back, but there are issues building this with the windows build of VEXcode due to some of the backend code being 32 bit and running into memory issues (due to the structure of the LVGL source files). However, it does build well on Mac.

alternate version using newer LVGL source

Have fun, but I will not be providing any support for this.


Thanks a lot for this. Unfortunately, I only have Windows machines, but I’ll try this anyway and see maybe if I can get it to work.